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The Bitsy Dish is a tiny feeding bowl for baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. It fits perfectly in small enclosures like the ItsyVent Spiderling Enclosure and provides an easy way to keep your spiderlings hydrated.


We strongly suggest filling the Bitsy Dish with cotton and then soaking it in water. This will ensure that your spiderlings do not drown, as the cotton absorbs the water and allows them to drink safely.


The Bitsy Dish is lightweight and easy to clean. It can be quickly removed, rinsed, and refilled. Made from durable PLA PRO plastic, it's built to last. Remember to clean with mild soaps, rinse well, and only use cold water. This makes it a practical addition to any spiderling setup. Keep your tiny arachnids safe and hydrated with this simple accessory.

Dimensions: 13 x 6mm

Bitsy Dish - Tiny Feeding Bowl

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