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The ItsyVent - Arboreal Glass Tower is the ideal enclosure for nurturing baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. This compact and innovative enclosure ensures your tiny arachnid companions thrive in a safe and controlled environment.


Compact and Sleek Design

  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 95mm.
  • Weight: 40.4 grams.
  • Each glass panel measures 76mm tall by 25mm wide, creating a vertical, space-saving enclosure that offers a complete view of your spiderlings.


Superior Ventilation System

  • The enclosure features both top and bottom ventilation plates. These plates have thin vent lines less than 0.4mm wide, preventing even the most miniature spiders and feeder insects from escaping while ensuring optimal airflow.
  • The bottom ventilation plate allows air to flow upward from the substrate tray, utilizing the stack effect to maintain cross ventilation and humidity.


Easy Access Points

  • The top cap, with a 7mm diameter opening, is easy to remove for watering and feeding. It is heavy enough to prevent tiny spiders from lifting it.
  • The base serves as an access point for maintenance. The glass core easily inserts into the substrate tray, which includes a bottom ventilation plate to facilitate air circulation and debris collection.
  • The glass core and the substrate tray are held together securely with a strong magnet, ensuring stability while allowing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


Humidity Control

  • The substrate tray is designed to hold moist or damp substrate, not standing water. It can hold moisture-absorbing materials like vermiculite. A small pouch of clean vermiculite and a pipette are included with the product.
  • The enclosure can be misted from the top hole to maintain humidity levels. The bottom tray helps retain long-term moisture.
  • A separate Bitsy Dish water plate (sold separately) can be used with cotton to provide a constant water source.


Convenient Maintenance

  • The glass core can easily detach from the magnetic substrate tray. Lift the core from the tray to detach the magnet. Place the glass core on a flat surface to prevent the spider from escaping through the open bottom while you clean the vent plate and tray with the new substrate.
  • Substrate trays and vent plates are available separately, making replacing and cleaning parts easy. The design allows debris to collect on the vent plate, preventing it from reaching the moist substrate and reducing the risk of mould.


Why We Created ItsyVent

After raising numerous jumping spiderlings using the classic deli cup method, we realized there was a better way. Traditional deli cups are more comprehensive than tall ones, provide insufficient cross ventilation with tiny pinholes, and the plastic does not offer a clear view for the spiders. Spiders deserve to see the world with great clarity, given their fantastic vision systems. The ItsyVent enclosure offers a clearer view, improved cross ventilation, and takes up less footprint than deli cups, allowing you to house more spiders in less space. It also makes watering and feeding from above super easy. Essentially, this is the deli cup revolutionized.


Moreover, while our AeroVent and LiteVent products can raise spiderlings, ItsyVent is designed to be more affordable, making it accessible to a broader audience.


Available Accessories:


The ItsyVent Arboreal Glass Tower provides a thoughtfully designed, user-friendly solution for keeping spiderlings safe and healthy. Its features make it easy to maintain an optimal environment for their growth.

ItsyVent - Arboreal Glass Tower - Spiderling Nursery

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