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This artifact is a multipurpose tool for test tubes, in the gallery you will find a video showing a quick overview of the set-up.


It can help with the following:


- It keeps the cotton in place by creating a flat barrier, "sometimes" we observe the cotton inside the test tube that keeps the water in place, walking back as water evaporates, this is due to back negative pressure, the keeper prevents this and allows air to fill the cavity as needed without moving the cotton at all. 


- Also useful, the cotton can be installed in place more tightly as well as compact, this is due to being able to press with force the cotton against the flat surface of the keeper, use another keeper to push the cotton in and set it in place. 


Two lengths available: "Short" and "Long":


The short version is recommended when you are planning on feeding the colony inside the test tube, allows space for an insert and a feeding insert together. 


The long version is recommended when you are planning on feeding the colony directly in an outside world; it fits one insert right to the edge of the test tube, it also allows the test tube to fit more water compared to the short version. 


Of course, you do not have to use our inserts or silicone fittings to use these keepers; just make sure to select your proper test tube diameter and length. 


We also recommend buying at least two, one of them being the long version, so you can always have a keeper to push cottons in against the inner stopper, a tight cotton diminishes chances of leakage or flooding and slows down the evaporation rate of the water chamber. 


When combined with our inserts and silicon fittings the water keeper keeps everything tightly in place as all parts have been designed to interact with each other, please refer to photos for some examples. 


We strongly recommend combining this product with inserts and our "test tube port" to create the ultimate test tube solution. 


Made with PLA (bio formula), ensure no contamination of the water chamber, we recommend the use of distilled water or highly purified bottled water when setting up your test tubes, also remember to always use clean tools and test tubes to avoid contamination. 


Example, If your test tube outside diameter is 16 mm, the insert will have a diameter of 13.675 mm, (a little more than 2mm less of the outside diameter of the test tube), this is usually the standard sizing for most glass test tubes available. If in doubt and you want to ensure a perfect fit we recommend buying test tubes directly from us together with your accessories, we always ensure to ship inserts and accessories that fit and match perfectly together. 

The Cotton Water Keeper

PriceFrom C$1.39
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