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Already have test tubes? You can customize your insert to fit the test tube that you already have. 


Visit the "Inserts with test tubes" product page to learn more about insert options and bundled ready-to-use test tube setups.


We make customizable inserts for the most commonly available test tubes:


O.D 15 mm and I.D. 13 mm (Insert diameter 12.7)

O.D 16 mm and I.D. 14 mm (Insert diameter 13.5)

O.D 18 mm and I.D. 16 mm (Insert diameter 15.5)

O.D 20 mm and I.D. 18 mm (Insert diameter 17.5)


Before placing your item in the shopping cart, select your T.T. carefully outside diameter, the textured finish of your choice and quantity. If you want to start all over, refresh the page. 


The insert features a rear 'Cotton stopper grid.' This innovative design is handy for species of ants that pull on cotton, as it helps to prevent water floods or messy situations. Rest assured, this grid still allows access to the humid surface of the cotton wall, maintaining the ideal environment for your ants. 


Texture Finish options:


Plain plastic texture, the insert has five groves across the floor that ants can use to spin cocoons. Also, the nature of the 3d printing process leaves micro lines on the surface that ants can grip as opposed to plain smooth glass; this is a cost-friendly alternative to the sand texture inserts.


Sand texture, the insert is treated with a unique formulation of mortar paste mixed with mineral additives to form a mineral substrate base with a rougher surface, bringing benefits like better flooring and grip (cocoon spinning species benefit a lot), reduced stress levels due to a more contained space with crevices to store brood, less flooding issues as the material can absorb water, brood rests against a humid, warm material. This helps the brood develop faster and more significantly in total worker counts by making the test tube environment slightly more natural.


To complete the perfect setup, you can add a "Test tube ring," a "Test tube array red box," and a "Feeding insert" by clicking the links.


If you're seeking a more spacious environment for your ants, we highly recommend the 'Culture tube formicarium.' This product maximizes the available space inside the test tube, with the water chamber conveniently placed outside for easy refilling. It's the perfect solution for those looking to provide their ants with a more expansive living space.


The insert is made using PLA PRO plastic. The insert Length is 35 mm. 

Customizable Inserts - without test tube

PriceFrom C$3.14
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