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Our Feeding Dish with Handle is a convenient and essential tool for any ant keeper. This small feeding dish is designed with a handle for easy grip and handling with pliers or tweezers, making it easy to maintain your ant colony's foraging habitat.


All experienced ant keepers know that using a feeding dish in your out-world is crucial in preventing mould and protecting your surfaces from absorbing organic materials. In addition, using a feeding dish can dramatically extend the life of your foraging habitat.


Made with sturdy PLA Pro plastic, this feeding dish is durable and easy to clean. Simply wash with warm water and dry thoroughly. Please note that it is not dishwasher-safe. Keep your ant colony's foraging habitat in top condition with this essential feeding dish.


We also have a bigger, deeper dish; click "Deep Feeding Dish."

Feeding Dish w/ Handle

  • Dimensions:  3 x 3 x 1 cm


    Weight: 2.55 grams.

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