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The HexaGrip for ItsyVent Enclosure is an innovative accessory designed to enhance the climbing experience for your baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. This sleek, geometric mesh provides an excellent climbing surface, similar to the pipe cleaners used in deli cups but much more elegant and efficient.


Product Details:

  • Weight: 3 grams
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 74mm
  • Mesh Thickness: 0.75mm
  • Magnet Support: 8mm


Key Features:

Enhanced Climbing Surface

  • The HexaGrip mesh is inspired by the perfection of honeycombs, providing a superior climbing surface for your spiderlings.
  • Unlike traditional pipe cleaners, the HexaGrip offers a stable and robust structure for your spiders to grip and climb.


Perfect Fit

  • Designed to fit seamlessly into the ItsyVent Spiderling Enclosure, the HexaGrip fills a glass wall in the enclosure, offering a quick and easy accessory to improve your setup.
  • The 8mm magnet support ensures a strong connection with the top of the enclosure, keeping the mesh securely in place.


The HexaGrip for ItsyVent Enclosure is not only a practical addition for improving your spiders' climbing experience but also an aesthetic enhancement to your enclosure. Its sleek design and robust structure make it a perfect accessory for any ItsyVent setup.

HexaGrip for ItsyVent Enclosure

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