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The magnetic mealworm dish w/anti-escape rim facilitates depositing mealworms or waxworms while keeping them from escaping and burrowing in the substrate or roaming the enclosure. In addition, the magnets and the slim design allow mounting without taking up much space and looks unique and appealing.


The dish has a horizontal ledge and an inwards vertical rim (lip) to make it hard for mealworms to climb over and escape. However, spiders still have excellent visibility into the internal cavity and an easy way in and out. 


In the arboreal glass enclosure, use it on the bottom and top access ports, glass walls, right under a rear door or even better on the door itself; every time you remove the door, the dish comes out with it for service.


There are three different sizes, and the options and recommended max quantities are (LxWxH):


Small - 34 x 27 x 11 mm / 1 to 2 mini mealworms 9 to 14mm long.

Medium - 44 x 35 x 14 mm /  1 to 4 mealworms 12 to 18mm long.

Large - 54 x 43 x 18 mm / 1 to 6 mealworms  16 to 22mm long.

XL - 75 x 60 x 25 mm / 1 to 8 mealworms 28 to 30mm long.


Although most spiders need one mealworm at a time, please keep in mind that putting too many worms can cause the unit to overflow, the slim design works best with a 20% max area covered by worms, and the ideal size of each worm should be smaller than half the length of the dish cavity. The XL dish provides the most escape-proof performance due to more depth and anti-scape rim area.


For jumping spiders, mealworms should represent less than 20% of their overall diet. 


Each tray comes with magnets pre-attached; and includes the necessary magnets to be attached to the enclosure.


The magnetic mealworm dish w/anti-escape rim can also be used with reptiles or ant-keeping setups. 


Please note the magnets separate the tray from the wall to allow the intricate designs and ventilation of the plastic rear wall to be unaffected. 


Please, do not let the magnets snap into place, as this could cause the glass to crack; the magnets used are powerful, so it is best to slide them gently into position. 


Magnetic mealworm dish w/anti-escape rim

PriceFrom C$5.14
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