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This tiny outworld is very similar to our "nano feeding station." The key differences are that it matches perfectly with the dimensions of our "Culture tube formicarium," it is a bit taller, and last, instead of using a silicone fitting to attach directly to test tubes, it uses standard vinyl tubing for connections. It also has a heating cable pass-thru on the underside.


The tubing port is 9.5 mm (5/8") in diameter, matching the height of the tubing port found in our outworlds and formicaria. To connect it to a test tube, you will need a "cone adapter" (see photo examples). 


The lid is exactly the same as the nano feeding station, and you can include 2 or 4 "nano dishes." 


** As an alternate use, you can glue the lid to the station using aquarium-safe silicone or PVA glue and use the resulting sealed box as a heating station as an extension to your existing setup.


Weight: 7 grams

Nano Outworld for Culture Tube Formicarium

PriceFrom C$6.17
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