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Introducing the Culture Tube Formicarium, a groundbreaking ant habitat that redefines the traditional ant-keeping experience. By ingeniously decoupling the water source from the test tube internals, this formicarium introduces an external, refillable water system, enhancing humidity control and adjustable evaporation rates.


The entire glass test tube serves as a display for the ants' nesting area, unobstructed by internal water reservoirs, and is complemented by a Connection Module for seamless integration with additional sections. Equipped with precise heating cable guides for diverse heating areas, this system optimizes the ants’ environment and elevates the enthusiast’s observation experience. It is ideal for those seeking a modular, expandable setup.


The Culture Tube formicarium is composed of the following modules:


Water Evaporator Module:

  • This innovative module utilizes heat from a heating cable to vaporize water, creating a moist atmosphere essential for the ants' survival.
  • It includes a mini glass jar for water with 5, 10, or 15 ml capacities connected through a 12.7 mm (1/2”) tube.
  • Equipped with a stainless-steel mesh, it is a barrier that prevents ants from entering and reaching the water column while allowing vapour to pass.


Culture Tube Connection Module:

  • The module is robustly constructed with a fixed glass top and a removable red film for light control.
  • It features a 16 mm opening for connecting standard test tubes using a secure silicone fitting, ensuring a snug and escape-proof junction.
  • Additionally, two 9.5 mm (3/8”) holes on opposite sides for vinyl tubing allow for expansions such as additional tubes or outworlds.
  • The opposite side of the test tube entrance has a 12.7 mm (1/2”) opening for attaching to the Water Evaporator Module using a short piece of tubing.
  • The connection point to the Water Evaporator Module is also safeguarded with a stainless-steel mesh, offering double protection and ensuring that ants remain contained even when disconnecting the module.


Main Tube with Insert:

  • The habitat’s centerpiece, the Main Tube, is a 16x125 mm borosilicate glass tube that can house a variety of inserts, plain or substrate-enhanced, tailored to the ants' needs.
  • It comes with a light-blocking jacket and a ring to set the test tube at an appropriate elevation. This allows for the insertion of a heating cable beneath to regulate temperature.


There are two insert options: plain plastic and substrate-enhanced. The plain plastic insert, designed with grooves and micro lines from the 3D printing process, provides a cost-effective solution with sufficient grip for ants, aiding in cocoon spinning. On the other hand, the sand-textured substrate insert features a mineral-based mortar for a rougher surface. This option enhances the habitat by offering better grip, creating a more natural and conducive environment for brood development, and reducing stress with its ability to absorb water. Each option caters to different needs, allowing for customization based on ant species preferences and keeper goals.


Together, these components create a highly customizable modular habitat that provides the ants with a stable, escape-proof environment. The thoughtfully designed mesh barriers ensure that even during maintenance or refill of the Water Evaporator Module, the ants are kept safe and secure within their home.


Heating Cable Integration: The Culture Tube Formicarium is designed with precision temperature management in mind. The connection module, water evaporator module, the underside of the test tube, and the nano outworld are all engineered to accommodate a heating cable beneath them. Selectively heating different sections allows you to tailor the environment to your ants' needs. Warming the test tube side only will reduce moisture for a drier setup, keeping it instead concentrated near the water module. Heating the connection module only drives more humidity into the test tube. However, heating primarily at the water module will intensify evaporation in all other areas, increasing overall humidity — perfect for species that thrive in damp conditions. The strategic routing of your heating cable creates a customized temperature and humidity gradient within the formicarium, which is vital for nurturing a healthy colony.


The Culture Tube Formicarium incorporates a sophisticated water mechanism for optimal humidity control within the ant habitat. The external Water Evaporator Module is at the heart of this system, and it is carefully heated to allow water to evaporate and humidify the air throughout the setup. This moist air naturally rises and may condense on more excellent surfaces within the formicarium, particularly in upper areas where condensation is more likely to occur. By strategically positioning a heat cable or an alternative heat source, such as a lamp, users can influence where condensation forms, allowing for precise control over the moisture levels in specific areas of the habitat. This ensures that ants can access the necessary moisture for hydration and comfortable living conditions. Additionally, it is advisable to integrate a water reservoir directly connected to the Connection Module, providing ants with a dedicated source for direct drinking, thereby complementing the innovative air moisture system.


The Culture Tube Formicarium includes:


Optional add-ons:

Culture Tube Formicarium 16x125 mm

PriceFrom C$26.61
  • Formicarium assembled measures: 190 x 30mm/ made of PLA plastic and ECO resin. Height depends on the bottle chosen; the max height is 8 cm when using the 15ml bottle option. 


    Test Tube: 16mm x 125mm, 12.9g  / Borosilicate glass


    Weight: 60 grams


    Avoid intense vibrations or impacts, as this can crack the glass and the substrate.

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