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One of the smallest liquid feeders available for ants in the world!


The nano tower feeder is convenient and customizable. Instead of glass vials, it utilizes 12.7 mm vinyl tubing of variable lengths to change the overall height and holding capacity, removing the need for jar threads permitted to diminish the size dramatically. 


We shrank down the more prominent jar towers into a 15.5 mm wide cap and retained the fixed plastic screen; the overall height can be as little as 17mm and as big as 50mm.


We have managed to shrink it down to 14.5mm, but it made us wonder if we even need a liquid feeder at such a small size; going taller than 50mm is possible, but keep in mind that it can be harder to keep it standing. 


Like our other tower styles, the liquid is accessed from above, making it harder for ants to place debris on it and causing spills or flooding. 


Use is simple: insert the rear vinyl cap securely in place, fill with liquid to edge, insert the feeding cap in place and turn into position. 


Bundle options:

We know that with tiny little feeders is always best to have a good amount at hand, make a bundle purchase and save big.


1 x Nano Tower (For example, if you need three single towers, choose this bundle option and then enter three on the quantity box)


10 x Nano towers save 26% WOW


20 x Nano Towers and save 47% double WOW 


*** These discounts may not last forever, so grab them now. 


Accessories pack:

You can add 10cm of spare tubing and three additional rear tubing caps to customize your own or 20cm of tubing and five rear tubing caps. Please keep in mind that gluing the rear cap to the tubing is recommended to ensure an airtight seal and prevent leakage; this can be done with crazy glue, UV glue, epoxy, 100% silicone, and even petroleum jelly can help make a seal. 


NOTE: Each nano tower includes; a rear cap glued in place to the vinyl tubing, a feeder cap, and a precut tube that defaults the overall height of the assembled feeder to 20mm. 


*** We recommend installing the dispenser lid and turning it into position only when the liquid supplied is at/or above room temperature; cold temperatures cause gas expansion as they reach room temperature, possibly causing a small leak onto the bottom. 


Made with PLA pro plastic, rinse under tap water with gentle soap.

Nano Tower Feeder - Plastic Screen

PriceFrom C$4.83
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