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Introducing Eight-Legged Ascent - the stairway to spider heaven!


Crafted with your jumping spider's need for vertical exploration in mind; eight-legged Ascent is the ultimate way to add decoration to your spider's enclosure. With their sturdy construction and ample surface area, these steps will give your spider the perfect platform to survey its surroundings from above.


And with their easy-to-use magnetic mounting system, installation is a breeze, stick them on and let your spider climb away!


But that's not all - Eight-Legged Ascent is also the perfect way to show off your spider's climbing skills to all your friends and family. Just sit back and watch as your spider scurries up the steps, their little legs pumping with excitement.


So if you're ready to take your jumping spider's living space to the next level, order Eight-Legged Ascent today and watch your spider ascend to new heights - both literally and figuratively!


Size reference (measured from the overall horizontal length and vertical height):


All stairs have a width of 16mm, a step height (rise) of 6mm, and a step depth (tread) of 9.8mm. Therefore, the total dimensions of each staircase vary depending on the number of steps.

Small: 4 steps, 45 mm long by 26 mm tall.

Medium: 8 steps, 80 mm long by 50 mm tall.

Large: 12 steps, 116 mm long by 75 mm tall.


TIP: The measurement that matters the most is how long. 

Eight-Legged Ascent - Jumping Spider Decoration

PriceFrom C$7.27
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