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Spider Web Accents are a minimalist yet striking addition to any jumping spider enclosure, making every corner a showcase of natural beauty. They were initially featured in our popular Halloween-themed enclosure.


This 1mm thin 3D-printed marvel fits seamlessly into enclosures, offering sizes from 4 to 6 cm. Installation is effortless with just a hint of spider-safe adhesive.


Our passion project turned signature accessory, these Web Accents, are a nod to the captivating constructions of our eight-legged friends and the community's enthusiasm for our original Halloween display decoration.


Each Web Accent is sold per piece for tailored elegance and measured from the outer tip to the L-shape's center. As showcased in the images, a 14x9cm arboreal glass enclosure was transformed using four 4cm Web Accents, horizontally leaving a 1cm gap. 


**GSAdv's original "Corner Spider web" design is available on Thingiverse (thing:5809235) under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

Spider Web Accents - Corner Decoration

PriceFrom C$1.08
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