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A simple formicarium inside a test tube, with excellent visibility, cozy space, light protected and a refillable water reservoir. 


Notice the keyword "For" on the title; this is because the "Test Tube Array Formicarium," as well as the "Window edition," use this set of test tubes and inserts, you can swap them easily, replace a broken tube or expand your existing collection.


This product is the cheapest formicarium we have available, thanks to the inclusion of a cone adapter to connect to vinyl tubing, a standing ring, light protection jacket, and a refillable water reservoir. You can use it as a stand-alone nest and go well with a small outworld.


Each unit includes a test tube, long insert, long black jacket with rings, crushed perlite for the refillable water chamber, 1 cm silicone fitting and plastic cone adapter.


Alternatively, you can choose to have a plain plastic insert or one with a sanded texture.


The test tube measures 16x125 mm, insert is 83 mm long. Vinyl tubing adapter can be 9.5 mm 93/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2") in diameter.


** This product, same as the tubes that come in the "Test tube array formicarium" and the "window edition," have a small hole for watering located at the rear of the tube and are the only three products that feature such a watering option. 


*** The watering hole at the back allows you to control the humidity level; due to this hole, test tubes are not able to hold whole level water capacity compared to a traditional test tube; water would flood into the insert area if filled too much; this is due to the lack of negative pressure, we recommend using crushed vermiculite or perlite to fill the water reservoir space, therefore increasing its capacity to hold more water, and for more extended periods, each tube comes already prefilled with perlite and cotton in place, you can buy more perlite here, photos show examples of this, when injecting water please do so slowly and carefully observing for saturation on the cotton, the goal is to add enough water but avoid flooding the insert underside.


Buy a plain "Test Tube Port" and customize your array from scratch with our diverse test tube options. 


*** Vinyl tubing not included; it is better to buy a long piece to cut down into smaller portions for your needs. 

Test Tube for Array Formicarium

PriceFrom C$11.76
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