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Our "Culture Tube Formicarium" uses this test tube and insert; you can swap them easily, replace a broken tube or expand your existing set. Even better, thanks to the inclusion of a cone adapter, you can use them as a stand-alone expansion to any of your existing setups, including the culture tube formicarium itself. 


Each tube includes a 16x125mm borosilicate test tube, a long plastic insert, a long black jacket with rings, a 1 cm silicone fitting and a plastic cone adapter for vinyl tubing of the diameter of your choice.


Alternatively, you can choose a plain plastic insert or one with a sanded texture.


The test tube measures 16x125 mm, and the insert is 115 mm long. The vinyl tubing adapter can be 9.5 mm (93/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2") in diameter.



*** Vinyl tubing not included.

Test Tube for Culture Tube Formicarium (16x125mm)

PriceFrom C$11.66
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