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The Gyroblock Formicarium is a cute and small spinning squared nest with all its parts being held in place by a central magnetic column. Refill the bottom water reservoir easily with a quick spin or slide the tray out. 


An "X" shape tunnel in the central column interconnects the four sections, which saves so much space, leaving a clear view of the formicarium internals. The gyroblock is a very tiny and fun formicarium.


The water reservoir sits hidden on the bottom tray, kept tightly in place by the force of a strong magnet, separated by a small round steel mesh screen. Water evaporates and travels into the formicarium through the mesh screen as vapour diffuses. The average temperature, as well as the fluctuations, will determine the overall humidity of the nest.


To retain humidity for prolonged periods, it is best to place in the water reservoir absorbent inorganic material that can slow down evaporation, such as crushed perlite, vermiculite and polyester fibres. Alternatively, cotton, paper towel, or sandy/rocky substrate can work but keep in mind that organic materials can decompose and mould, so check on it regularly.


The bottom of the nesting chambers is covered with an absorbent and rugged substrate, providing crevices and grip to ants. In this design, we left the side walls clean and smooth with exposed plastic; this separates the substrate humidity from reaching the glass directly. As a result, ants with difficulty climbing smooth surfaces will be less likely to populate walls; those who can climb will be less likely to deposit wet organic material between the glass and the wall/frame.


Three sides have a 9.5mm (3/8") vinyl tubing connection port. 


The formicarium includes three plugs and the light protection option of your choice. 


The Gyroblock formicarium is also available as a kit (click here), paired with a mini glass outworld and some handy accessories to get you started with a full setup. 


The gyroblock works with an "indirect hydration mechanism" and corresponds to the "water evaporator class." Please read the "Formciairum hydration guide" and the "Hybrid formicarium gen & class" page before first use.


The unit measures 5x5 cm wide and 2.5 cm tall. The approximate weight is 55 grams.

The Gyroblock Formicarium - Small

PriceFrom C$30.24
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