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This starter ant-keeping kit bundles the Gyroblock formicarium with a mini glass outworld and essential feeding accessories


Please visit the product page of the Gyroblock formicarium to learn more.


This kit is perfect for a small colony or a slow-growing colony. The formicarium and the glass outworld measure the same, 5 cm; this results in a very compact footprint with a great view. In addition, it is easy to connect several kits side to side as connection ports line up on each side. We love this kit; it is one of our easiest beginner setups. It is a pocket ant farm. 


The glass outworld measures 8x5x5 cm and has a dual lid system to provide access and ventilation. The kit uses 9.5mm (3/8") tubing.


Approximate weight: 160 grams.


*** This product does not ship with "Substrate" to the USA; no soil or earth is allowed into the United States and other countries (possibly). Please select "Not Included (Ship to USA)" if you wish to ship to the USA.

The Gyroblock Ant-Keeping Kit

PriceFrom C$62.90
  • Ant-keeping kit includes:

    1 - Gyroblock formicarium with red film and a black plastic lid. 

    20 cm of vinyl tubing

    2 - feeding dishes with handle

    4 - nano dishes

    1-liquid feeder tower-style with 5mL jar

    1 - 3mL pipette 

    1 - plastic tweezers

    1 - mini glass outworld

    5 - vinyl plugs

    30 grams of pre-sanitized sand substrate (Except if shipping to the USA)


    Kit weight:

    175 grams.

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