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The  Ant Feeding Essential Kit offers the basic small ant feeding accessories needed for providing food to a semi-claustral queen ant or small ant colony. You can provide fresh water, liquid carbohydrates and a variety of proteins for the best colony development.


Most of our other kits include this bundle. Every ant farm needs a good collection of food accessories to make feeding and cleaning up more straightforward. 


All the items in this kit can fit inside our mini glass outworld or larger foraging areas.; the small tower liquid feeder fits perfectly inside. The micro series of outworlds can utilize the dishes with handle as well as the nano dishes. The nano series of outworlds can only use the nano dishes. If you want a liquid feeder for the micro and nano outworlds, we recommend the "nano tower feeder.


The four nano dishes can fit inside a test tube with a minimum width of 15 mm. 


The ant feeding essential kit includes the following:


1 - Liquid feeder tower-style 5mL (fits inside the small glass outworld)

1 - Plastic tweezer

1 - Plastic pipette

2 - Feeding dishes with handle

4 - Nano dishes


Shipping weight: (coming soon)

Ant Feeding Essential Kit

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