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Introducing the FormiSyrup Gold Basic Kit, the ultimate combination of convenience and deliciousness for your ants' dining pleasure. This kit combines two exceptional products, the 5mL Tower Feeder - Metal Mesh and 60mL FormiSyrup Gold with Dropper, to ensure your ants have the best dining experience while making ant-keeping simple and enjoyable for you.


Learn more about the Tower Liquid Feeder and FormiSyrup Gold for an unmatched ant-keeping experience.


The Tower Feeder - Metal Mesh features a slim round design with a bottom dish and a removable, elevated stainless steel fine mesh. This design allows for easy access by ants and minimal spillage, making it perfect for runny, watery liquids. The feeder's standard threading and versatile lid fit all three standard glass jar sizes we offer, making it a convenient choice for any ant-keeper. Made with PLA pro plastic, the Tower Feeder is durable and easy to clean. Additionally, its built-in dish ensures small spills are contained, preventing messes in your ants' environment.


FormiSyrup Gold is a premium syrup crafted from 100% original pure Canadian organic maple syrup and wildflower Canadian honey, which are both tested for safety and free of pesticides. This thick, concentrated syrup is packed with a variety of sugars, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids that your ants will love. FormiSyrup Gold can last up to six months without refrigeration, and when it's time to serve, dilute small portions with purified water at a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio to make it runnier and easier to drink.


To make feeding even more convenient, this kit includes a dropper dispenser for easy, spill-free serving. The glass bottle and dropper are reusable, making them perfect for creating your own sweet syrup mixes.


The FormiSyrup Gold Basic Kit offers a seamless integration of the Tower Feeder and FormiSyrup Gold, providing your ants with a diverse and nutritionally balanced diet while keeping their habitat clean and organized. Explore the benefits of the Tower Feeder and FormiSyrup Gold to elevate your ants' dining experience and make ant-keeping more enjoyable for you.


Visit our "Food for Ants" guide to learn more about ant nutritional requirements and helpful tips. For those pondering the distinction between FormiSyrup Green and FormiSyrup Gold, we clarify the differences, from shelf life to convenience factors, so you can make the best choice for your ants.


The FormiSyrup Gold Basic Kit is an all-in-one solution that combines two exceptional products to create the perfect ant-keeping experience. With a focus on convenience and high-quality ingredients, this kit offers the ultimate dining experience for your ants while keeping their habitat clean and organized. Discover the benefits of the Tower Feeder and FormiSyrup Gold today, and make ant-keeping a breeze.


Please note that we are currently only shipping Ant food products within Canada.

FormiSyrup Gold - Basic Kit

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