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Introducing the FormiSyrup Green - Basic Kit, a delightful combination for your ants featuring FormiSyrup Green paired with the 5mL Tower-Style Liquid Feeder.


FormiSyrup Green is a ready-to-use, out-of-the-bottle solution perfect for those who like to keep things simple. The syrup is a concentrated blend of carbohydrates (mainly sucrose) and contains ant-safe preservatives, ensuring freshness for up to 6 months without refrigeration. The brilliant green colour adds a touch of excitement to your ants' diet and your ant-keeping setup, making it the star of this duo.


To complement FormiSyrup Green, we offer the Tower-Style Liquid Feeder. This feeder features a slim round design with a built-in dish at the bottom to prevent spills. The liquid is fed through a removable and elevated stainless steel fine mesh, which makes it hard for spills to happen. Standard thread ensures compatibility with various glass jars, and the feeder is easy to use and maintain. This feeder is an ideal accessory for delivering watery liquids like FormiSyrup Green.


Before using FormiSyrup Green and the Tower-Style Liquid Feeder, please carefully read the original product pages for full instructions and specifications. This will ensure proper usage and maintenance of the products, ultimately contributing to a thriving ant colony.


Note that we currently only ship ant food products within Canada.


Treat your ants to the delightful taste and visual appeal of FormiSyrup Green, and make their feeding experience more enjoyable with the practical and efficient Tower-Style Liquid Feeder.

FormiSyrup Green - Basic Kit

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