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Crafted meticulously from borosilicate glass, our test tubes are the epitome of quality. They boast well-rounded bottoms and smooth, fire-polished rims, offering both aesthetics and functionality. Choose from the three top-tier sizes specifically chosen for the ant-keeping community, and avail of our special bundle discount when you purchase more than one of each type.


The 16mm diameter stands as the gold standard, not just for us but for the entire Canadian industry. Highly favored, even by the larger Camponotus species, this size ensures seamless compatibility with a range of accessories. If you're aiming for uniformity, this is your go-to size.


Available Sizes:


  • 16x125
  • 16x150
  • 20x150


The initial number represents the outside diameter (O.D. in mm), while the second indicates the length in mm. With an approximate glass wall thickness of 1mm, the inside diameter (I.D.) is reduced by 2mm. An added inward chamfer at the entrance further reduces the I.D. by 2.5mm, which securely accommodates our signature silicone fittings available across various products. For instance, a 16mm tube will have an interior cavity of about 14mm and an entrance diameter of 13.5mm.


Applications & Advantages:

Test tubes are indispensable for ant enthusiasts. They are versatile, compatible with a plethora of accessories, and offer the optimal environment for both newly mated queen ants and burgeoning colonies transitioning into a formicarium. The design allows for the effortless creation of a water reservoir, separated by a cotton barrier and ventilated through a dry cotton plug at the front. Introduce an insert for added texture, and you've got the most conducive environment to kickstart a colony. Additionally, these tubes can hold additional water reservoirs and even sugar water solutions.


Why Opt for Glass Over Plastic?

Glass triumphs with its crystal-clear visibility and superior resistance to scratches. It facilitates thorough cleaning, and its heat-resistance allows for oven-baking, ensuring complete sterilization from mold spores. Plus, glass conducts heat more efficiently, proving beneficial for heat cables and mats.


Enhance Your Experience with These Accessories:


Note: There might be slight variances in size due to manufacturing nuances. Please take this into account when making a purchase.

Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes for Ants

PriceFrom C$1.81
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