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Discover the versatile and visually stunning Duo-Glass Spider Enclosure, designed for various spider species. With an extensive range of customization options, this enclosure is perfect for housing terrestrial, fossorial, and arboreal tarantulas and other critters like mantises, isopods and roaches, among others.


The Duo style features two opposite glass panels and two opposite plastic walls designed for excellent cross-ventilation, ensuring exceptional airflow from one side to the other. Combined with the customizable top lid ventilation options, this creates a highly customizable airflow environment.


Additionally, it boasts a dual lid system with a removable glass portion and a customizable ventilated rim fixed with magnets for added security, an optional magnetic door, and optional tubing access ports for added convenience.


While the Duo style offers the benefits of cross-ventilation, it is essential to note that the "Tri-Glass enclosure" has advantages, such as improved visibility with three glass panels. We encourage customers to visit our "shopping notes & options" page for a comprehensive comparison.


Customization options explained:

Size (L x W x H) in cm: Choose from 24 size options within three main shape factors - cube, long rectangle (wide space), and tall rectangle (tall space) - to find the perfect enclosure for your spider's specific needs, whether terrestrial, fossorial, or arboreal. Our "enclosure style and size guide" can help you confirm your species' dimensions, substrate level, and ventilation requirements.


Wall Ventilation Options: Customize the side plastic wall ventilation coverage, ranging from 10% to 100% of the wall area (from top to bottom of the wall). Vent lines measure 0.4mm wide and run from side to side. Images are provided to show examples of various coverage options. Consider the quantity or height of substrate needed to maintain the substrate line below the ventilation line. If a magnetic side door is included, it will follow the ventilation percentage and pattern.


Top Lid Ventilation Options: Choose a fully vented top lid or a vent-free option, depending on your spider's needs. A vented lid allows for more airflow and faster moisture escape, while a vent-free lid may be more suitable for species requiring higher humidity levels.


We recommend consulting our "Spider Enclosure Ventilation, Humidity & Temperature" guide to understand your pet's needs better and make informed decisions when customizing your Duo-Glass Spider Enclosure.


Magnetic Door Options: An optional magnetic side door is available for species that may build hammocks or webs on the top portion of the enclosure. This allows for easy access without disturbing the spider's environment. The door is located in the middle of one wall, secured by magnets, and does not exceed 10x10cm in the largest size. Note that the magnetic door is best suited for species requiring a low substrate level, as it is not intended to have substrate against the door.


Tubing Access Port Options: Choose between included or not included tubing access ports on the enclosure's side plastic walls. Each wall has two ports, one near the top and one near the bottom, providing easy access for watering, misting, or introducing feeder insects. Silicone plugs are provided for included ports. Place a water dish under one of the ports for quick and easy refilling. The bottom access tubing port enables direct substrate access, allowing for bottom-up water addition depending on the substrate elevel.


Made with PLA Pro plastic, neodymium magnets, and high-clarity glass (2.25 mm thick), using plant and animal-safe adhesives, these enclosures are perfect for housing spiderlings, juveniles, dwarf tarantulas, and adult tarantulas with a size of no more than 8cm (3 inches) in DLS (diagonal leg span).


With a wide range of customization options, the Duo-Glass Spider Enclosure provides a safe and comfortable habitat for your spider, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced keepers.

Please note that the enclosure is designed to hold moist or humid substrate but is not meant to be watertight. Overfilling or heavily saturating the substrate may result in water leakage. This design feature helps prevent drowning or excessively damp substrate, which can harm the inhabitants of the enclosure. The bottom tray aids in containing water, especially when combined with a drainage layer or material, but it is essential to remember that this is not an aquarium. Using the enclosure as intended allows you to provide your pet with a safe and comfortable habitat confidently.

Duo-Glass Spider Enclosure - Terrestrial Fossorial & Arboreal

PriceFrom C$25.69
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