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The elevated outworld platform puts all the action of keeping ants right in the open and creates a straightforward visual experience. 


You can use it as an outside world, which works very well with small colonies or colonies that just started foraging.  


It is highly recommended to place the table on a plate or dish filled with water; this creates a moat that will protect the platform from outside invaders and add one more escape safety measure. 


*** Water dish not included.*** Table can be placed on most common food plates. 


The edge of the platform has a trench that  serves two purposes:


1. It can be coated with a high-viscosity fluid, like petroleum jelly or coconut oil; the goal is to have a smooth and filmy consistency. Depending on the species, the trench can also be coated with canola oil, olive oil, and avocado oil (cooking oils). This deters ants from insisting on crossing over. Often small species have more than enough with this trench without the need for the wall barrier. 


2. It also helps keep the removable or optional wall barrier in place.; such can also be coated with high-viscosity substances, as previously mentioned or FLUON, talcum powder & alcohol mix, etc. Depending on the species, one method may be better than others, which helps provide an extra escape barrier; such a wall should be coated on both the inside and outside. For medium to larger species, the wall is highly recommended. 


The platform measures 140x140 mm and is 95 mm tall; the wall barrier is 13 mm tall and surrounds the perimeter. Therefore, it is compatible with test tubes 150 mm long and shorter. 


There are three options available: (reload the page to reset options)


1. Basic platform: includes the platform and the wall. 


2. Platform + tubs adapter: includes the platform, the wall, and a "tubs and tubes adapter" that fits 16 mm diameter test tubes (includes front adapter, rear ring and silicone fitting)


3. Platform + adapter and test tube kit: includes the platform, the adapter with ring and silicone fitting, and a fully dressed test tube that includes an insert with the substrate, a short black jacket, a long cotton water keeper and a 16x125 mm borosilicate test tube. 


For options 2 and 3, you can select the size of the adapter entrance from 2 mm up to 6 mm. You can read more details on the adapter here; click the link


Useful tips:


-If you have a spare platform, it is much easier to maintain your colonies; that way, you can have a clean one with a fresh escape barrier and transfer your test tube or items to the clean one. Then clean the dirty one and have it ready for the next swap. 


-The water in the moat can easily collect debris or dust; we suggest replacing it with fresh water every time you do maintenance on your platform; adding a pinch of salt to the water helps it stay fresh longer and prevent bacterial growth.  


-We suggest cleaning up any debris deposited by the ants on the trench and/or wall every time you feed your colony to reinforce the escape barrier. 


Table weight: 55 grams

Tubs adapter weight: 4 grams

Fully dressed test tube weight: 20 grams


Made with PLA pro plastic. 

Elevated Outworld Platform

PriceFrom C$20.99
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