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This adapter is used in our "Elevated outworld platform," and it makes it easy to create tubs and tubes set up.


In tubs and tubes set up, the test tube is placed directly inside the outworld; it is by far one of the easiest and most reliable ways to start a colony and requires very little equipment.


The purpose of this adapter is to:


1. Elevate the test tube above ground; this makes the space under it useful, it also allows for the use of a "black jacket," enabling such to slide back and forth. 


2. By carefully selecting the opening size, you can restrict the queen from exiting the test tube but only allow the workers to go in and out.


3. By having the smallest needed opening at the entrance of the test tube, we prevent humidity from escaping easily; in other words a restricted hole helps retain humidity and allows test tubes to have their water reservoir last much longer. 


4. The smaller entrance can also prevent ants from bringing big pieces of food into the test tube, helping prevent large portions of food from going bad and moulding inside the test tube.


The adapter features a double ramp or stair entrance and attaches to 16 mm test tubes with the help of a silicone fitting or grommet.


**Each adapter includes the entrance adapter, a rear ring and a silicone fitting or grommet for attachment into a test tube; you can choose an opening of 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. 


You can also choose to add a 16x125 mm or 16 x 150  test tube and a black jacket. 


Or you can pair this adapter with our test tubes, inserts, cotton waterkeeper and accessories. Be sure to choose the 16 mm diameter option. In the photos, you see a 16 x 125 mm test tube, inserted with substrate, a long cotton water keeper with a short black jacket inside a 16 cm "glass outworld." 


Our "glass outworlds" come in two lengths, 12 cm and 16 cm, the 12 cm length can fit a 125 mm length test tube, and the 16 cm option can fit both a 125 mm and 150 mm test tube inside.

Tubs and Tubes Adapter

PriceFrom C$3.46
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