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FormiSyrup Duo Ant Feeding Kit, a convenient bundle designed to simplify your ant feeding routine. This kit includes two essential sugar solutions, FormiSyrup Gold and FormiSyrup Green, alongside a 5mL Tower Feeder with Metal Mesh. No more searching for individual components—our kit has everything you need in one package to provide your pet's ants with carbohydrates. 


For optimal use and to ensure the well-being of your ant colony, please visit the original product pages to read all instructions and specifications. By doing so, you'll better understand each component's proper usage and maintenance, ultimately contributing to a thriving ant colony.


Please note that we currently ship food items within Canada only. We value our customers' satisfaction and strive to provide the best service possible. The FormiSyrup Duo Ant Feeding Kit is a perfect addition to your ant-keeping supplies, making feeding time a breeze. Order now and experience the convenience this kit has to offer.

FormiSyrup Duo - Ant Feeding Kit

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