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This outworld is the "Port edition"  of our micro-size glass outworlds. Perfect for the founding stages, it provides a foraging area for your small ant colony or queen ant. Because it has four connection ports, it is a versatile tool for test tube setups and small nests; ransfers between tubes are a breeze.


Perfect upgrade to a mini feeding station setup. 


The front features glass, and the back has a solid wall with two tube ports; the side panels have a tubing port for connectivity and compatibility with most of our hardware; the design is slim and features double lips on all edges, making escaping hard, especially when combined with an escape barrier. 


The top has two lids, the bigger one creates a horizontal flat surface around the top edges, and the smaller one allows the removal of the ventilation grid area and access to the outworld for feeding or cleaning up.  


It is recommended to use a thick escape barrier (similar to "petroleum jelly") on all contact areas of the top lid to ensure a perfect seal and lubricate the parts. Also, use your preferred escape barrier method on the top edge of each inside wall and the internal flat surface of the lid. 


The ventilation area on the lid allows for plenty of air exchange in the foraging area; keeping humidity as low as possible creates a dry space that is key to preventing ants from digging or attempting to nest there.


Tubing size: 


The outside world has two opening holes for vinyl tubing, one on each plastic sidewall; the location and height of the openings match most of our formicarium designs for ease of use; options for tubing diameter are 9.5 mm (3/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2").




The glass area measures 25 mm tall by 75 mm in length, and the plastic wall measures 34 mm in depth; the size of this outworld is suitable for a small colony that needs to forage beyond the small space inside the test tube but does not need a big area.


Note; that only the "nano tower feeder" and "nano dish" fit inside this micro-sized outworld. Our moat-style liquid feeders and regular tower feeders do not fit inside. 




Graded and uniformly screened for medium-small granules, thoroughly washed to remove fine dust "sandy" particles and dirt, oven-baked at 120 °C to kill mould spores and bacteria. Non-toxic and inert. This substrate is easy to clean and rearrange and has a beautiful texture and look; it is safe for ants to bring back to their formicarium if they need to customize their chambers. In addition, this substrate does not absorb or retain humidity, ensuring the outworld is as dry as possible to prevent ants from nesting or digging there.


The micro-glass outworld includes the foraging area and plugs for all tubing ports. Please visit our "Adapters and connectors" products as well as our "vinyl tubing" in the "DIY and accessories" section, so you have everything you need to connect it up.


*** This product does not ship with "Substrate" to the USA; no soil or earth is allowed into the United States and some other countries. Please select the option "Not Included (Ship to the USA)" if you wish to ship to the USA.


Weight: 22 grams.

Micro Glass Outworld (Port edition)

PriceFrom C$13.53
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