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The Substrate Tray for the ItsyVent Enclosure is an essential part designed to maintain a stable and humid environment for baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. Although the enclosure comes with a tray, having a replacement on hand allows for quick swapping, making maintenance and cleaning faster and easier.


Product Details:

  • Weight: 7.36 grams
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 17mm


Key Features:

Perfect Fit and Secure Attachment

  • Specifically designed to fit seamlessly into the ItsyVent Spiderling Enclosure.
  • Held in place securely by a magnet that attaches to the glass core magnet.


Optimal Humidity Control

  • Features air vents that pull humid air up through the vent plate, through the enclosure, and out the top.
  • Intended for use with inert, non-organic materials like vermiculite to avoid decomposition and mold.


Easy Maintenance

  • Easily removed and cleaned, with debris collecting mainly in the vent plate to prevent it from reaching the moist substrate.
  • Clean with mild soaps, rinse well, and only use cold water.


Made from durable PLA PRO plastic.


The Substrate Tray for ItsyVent Enclosure ensures a healthier habitat for your spiderlings by simplifying maintenance and providing optimal humidity control.

Substrate Tray for ItsyVent Enclosure

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