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The VentPlate for ItsyVent Enclosure is an essential accessory designed to ensure optimal airflow and maintain a healthy environment for baby jumping spiders and other arboreal spiderlings. Although the enclosure comes with a vent plate, having a replacement on hand allows for quick swapping, making maintenance and cleaning faster and easier.


Product Details:

  • Weight: 1.75 grams
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 38mm x 1.2mm


Key Features:

Seamless Integration

  • Specifically designed to fit between the substrate tray and the glass core of the ItsyVent Spiderling Enclosure. The vent plate is securely held in place by the magnets in the tray and the glass core, creating a stable and secure setup.


Optimal Airflow

  • Features precise vent lines that are very thin, less than 0.4mm wide, keeping many spiderlings and their tiny feeders safe inside. The vent lines are much more efficient at allowing air to flow compared to typical tiny holes punched in deli cups or other plastic enclosures.


Easy Maintenance

  • Easily removed and cleaned, ensuring that debris does not obstruct airflow and maintaining a healthy habitat for your spiderlings.
  • Clean with mild soaps, rinse well, and only use cold water.


Durable and Lightweight

  • Made from durable PLA PRO plastic, this vent plate is lightweight at just 1.75 grams, making it easy to handle and replace as needed.


The VentPlate for ItsyVent Enclosure ensures a healthier habitat for your spiderlings by providing optimal airflow and simplifying maintenance.

VentPlate for ItsyVent Enclosure

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