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The water evaporator module allows you to provide humidity to any formicarium or space that has a 9.5 mm (5/8") or 12.7 mm (1/2") vinyl tubing connection port.


The module comes in three mini-jar bottle sizes: 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml. It also includes two small pieces of tubing (9.5 mm and 12.7 mm O.D.).


The module is equipped with a stainless steel mesh that prevents ants from entering the evaporator's internal spaces. There is no contact with liquid water, and there is no risk of drowning or overfilling; water only comes out as vapour through the vinyl tubing. 


The module features a grove on the underside of the front face, which allows passing a heating cable or securing such on the side of a formicarium or a test tube; heating the module increases the quantity of water that evaporates and, consequently, increases the overall humidity.


If, on the contrary, you are dealing with a low humidity species or the module is providing too much humidity (for example, in warm weather), you can always put a small piece of cotton inside the vinyl tubing that carries air; this will slow down the transfer of humidity. 


In summary, how much we heat the module and how much we restrict humidity flow through the tubing can easily regulate humidity. 


To refill the mini jar with water, you need to twist the unit upside down, remove the jar, refill with water to the top, turn the jar back into position without overtightening, and twist the unit back up. You can remove the entire unit with tubing included if you prevent ants from escaping (for example, quickly insert a piece of cotton into the opening of your nest). In addition, you can use a small piece of cotton inside the connecting vinyl tube, allowing removal while preventing ants from escaping as long as you leave the tubing portion attached to your formicarium. 


The "Elevator," "Curvesome," and "Culture Tube Formicarium" all feature steel mesh on the ports meant for this evaporator. This way, when you disconnect it for refill purposes, ants won't be able to escape even if the port is left unplugged. 


The water evaporator module was developed when we updated our "Culture tube formicarium" to version 2.0, and it is meant to be reusable and a multi-purpose tool. 


***We recommend filling with distilled water to avoid mineral build-up on the unit's internals. To clean the unit, use a mild vinegar solution, rinse it with fresh water, and let it dry. 


*** If you use it to increase humidity directly on a test tube, we recommend using a cone adapter. Adapters create tiny gaps between connections that allow oxygen exchange. In other words, be careful not to create a perfect seal with the glass tube, as this can deprive the chamber of oxygen. If using a cone adapter is not possible, you can always use a needle to pierce a small pinhole on the tubing used. 


*** Please note that the water evaporator module is not intended to be used as a source of drinking water; it elevates the humidity of the internal air or space it is attached to. If you want a liquid feeder, visit our "tower-style" or "moat -style" product pages. 


Water module weight: 8.3 grams

with 5 ml bottle: 14 grams

with 10 ml bottle: 18 grams

with 15 ml bottle: 20 grams

Water Evaporator Module

PriceFrom C$10.59
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