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How it works:

We have partnered with reputable ant keepers and ant supply businesses to bring you a curated selection of local Canadian species. Weather permitted (mostly from April to October), you can buy on this page a queen ant and colonies at different stages of development. 

Usually, the best way to start a colony is to capture a newly mated queen right in your surrounding areas; your available local species are usually what we recommend for starting beginners; we encourage our customers to learn how to catch queen ants. It is an enriching activity. Sometimes weather conditions, nuptial flight seasonality or lack of time can make catching a queen difficult, or perhaps you are looking for something fast and or a specific species that is not very available in your area; in such cases being able to buy a queen or an already established colony is a great idea.

We want to create a strong Canadian community and help connect experienced ant keepers with everyone who is looking for specimens; if you wish to participate and have your queen ants featured on this page (we can buy them from you), please reach us on the chat icon below or email, we will go through a simple review process. (YOU MUST live in Canada and capture locally).

Live ants ONLY SHIP within CANADA
Please use the chat box below to let us know if you have any questions or if you are looking for something specific, we can help you decide and determine if you have the right items.  
Fullfilled by Por amor Art:
Shipping and details:

Ants coming from our warehouse have been captured mostly in Ontario and have been monitored and cared by us since the beginning of their founding stages, we usually store easy to keep species that you can bundle with our hardware, and get started in ant keeping or expand your collection fairly easy. 

We recommend for a new queen or a small colony a 16 mm test tube set up with a sanded insert, the founding start up kit was created for this purpose, if you must start with a nest, then use a small tiny formicarium, like the apartment or the honey cell mini (big queen). For a small colony (10 to 25 workers) products like the mini jumbo all-in-one, the disc chamber, 1 test tube "FOR" array formicarium or the 2 tube array formicarium, or the honey cell mini, are ideal, options are endless and listed are some simple recommendations. 

Please be advised shipping with Xpresspost service is recommended. When your order contains live ants, we prefer to send a delivery card notice for parcel pick up at your nearest Canada post location, so the box does not sit outside exposed to the elements.

We only ship ants as long as the forecasted Canada wide lowest temperature, is not to drop below +5 degrees Celsius during the expected transit time, and as long as we consider it safe for the ants to travel, sometimes we may also determine a new fresh test tube setup is required prior to shipping, so we will send them as soon as they have been transferred safely (usually it takes us couple hours to do so). If your queen arrives dead, please communicate with us immediately so we can determine a cause and resolution.

Fulfilled by Canada Ant Colony (but ship from our warehouse):