Live Queen Ants & colonies

How it works:

We have partnered with reputable ant keepers and ant supply businesses to bring you a curated selection of local Canadian species. Weather permitted (mainly from April to October). Here you can buy a queen ant and colonies at different stages of development. Pair your ant colony with hardware from the ant shop, and you will have your ant farm kit.

The best way to start a colony is to capture a newly mated queen right in your surrounding areas. Species found in your local area are usually ideal for beginners; we encourage you to hunt and catch queen ants as it is an exciting activity. If you acquire too many, send them over to us. However, if you want to start faster or get a specific species, buying a queen ant is much easier.

Live ants ONLY SHIP within CANADA  

  • Currently, all species in stock are in Diapause (Hibernation). We will resume shipping in April 2022 as long as the weather is adequate.


  • Please use the "live chat" page to let us know if you have any questions or are looking for something specific, we can help you decide and determine if you have the right items.

  • Please be advised that it is best to ship with Xpresspost service. Also, please be informed that when your order contains live ants, we prefer to send a delivery card notice for parcel pick up at your nearest Canada Post location. This way, the package does not sit outside exposed to the elements.

  • We only ship ants as long as the forecasted Canada-wide lowest temperature does not drop below +5 degrees Celsius during the expected transit time and as long as we consider it safe for the ants to travel.

  • Sometimes a new fresh test tube setup is required before shipping; in such cases, we will send them as soon as they have been transferred safely (usually, it takes us a couple of hours to do so). If your queen arrives dead, please communicate with us immediately to determine a cause and resolution.