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The Arboreal
Glass Towers
Jumping Spider Enclosures, Shopping Notes & options

The "Arboreal Glass Towers" are perfect for housing jumping spiders or other arboreal species that thrive in elevated environments, such as tree cavities, leaves, branches, or foliage. These enclosures mimic the natural airflow above the ground and provide ample ventilation for your spider. In addition, with multiple openings, including the top, sides, and bottom, your spider will have ample opportunities to build hammocks or webs, giving them the room they need to feel comfortable and secure.

Light edition arboreal glass tower for pet jumping spider
Arboreal glass enlcosure for pet jumping spiders

Not only does the elegant design provide a beautiful and clear view of your spider, but it also includes a variety of humidity mechanisms, features, and accessories to make feeding, observing, and maintenance a breeze. So whether you're a seasoned spider enthusiast or just starting, the arboreal glass towers are ideal for your pet jumping spider enclosure.


If you're unsure about what kind and size of enclosure setup you need, head to our "Spider Enclosure Size & Type Guide"  for helpful tips and advice. For more information on the "Arboreal Glass Towers," please visit the product page and read the shopping notes below. Finally, if you have questions or need assistance, our "contact page" includes a chat function for easy communication with our team.