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Welcome to Por Amor Art - Ant Shop, also known as Por Amor Ants; we provide aesthetically pleasant and functional products that make ant colonies and their keepers happy. Based in Ontario, Canada, we ship to the USA and most of the world as well. 

If you are new to the hobby and want to know how to get started, need some questions answered, or want to give us feedback, please message us (click on the chat icon on the bottom of the screen), we can live chat if we are available or communicate through email or phone. We recommend creating an account so our conversations remain in your profile. Service and support are commitments to us.

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Email us at lexy@poramorart.ca or click on the chat icon below if you have any questions or need support. 

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Two major recent updates: 

1. The new updated version 2.0 of the culture tube formicarium is finally here, it took us months of research and development to improve the original idea to a new level. We even had to test new technologies and design strategies. The new version adds a water evaporator module, a connection module, heating cable guides, and the option for a nano outworld. Most importantly, every single part of the design is modular and reusable for many other purposes and can be purchased independently. We wanted to ensure expandability and customization options, so you can get as creative as you want. Best of all the formicarium can also be used as a founding chamber. Click here to jump straight into the product category.

2. while working on the culture tube updates we also made a "Water evaporator module", which allows you to provide humidity to any formicarium or space. 

3. The elevated outworld platform is finally here, it puts all the action of keeping ants right in the open and creates a very direct visual experience. It works very well with small colonies or colonies that just started foraging. Below you can see some videos of the testing period, we will be posting a new Youtube update very soon, showing the final version that is now retailing on our site, click here to go to the product page

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