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Welcome to Por Amor Art - Ant Shop, also known as Por Amor Ants; we design and produce aesthetical and functional products for ant colonies and ant keepers. Shipping worldwide and located in Ontario, Canada, we carry a selection of formicaria, ant housing, test tube set-ups, glass outworlds, accessories, DIY parts and feeding supplies. Our menu on the top header has a breakdown of all sections; the scrolling gallery on this page goes thru the entire library. 


From April to October, we can help you find a queen ant or a small ant colony for your ant farm or set-up; live queens and colonies can ship with a customizable test tube set-up (this feature is only available on select species at the moment). LIve specimens ship to Canada only. 

If you are new to the ant-keeping hobby and want to know how to get started, need some questions answered, or want to give us feedback and customer support, head over to the "live chat & contact info" page.